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Speakers & Subwoofers

Most Factory or OEM In-vehicle sound systems are fairly basic in design and utilize speakers which provide average sound reproduction of the music being played.  These systems use the doors, dash, or rear deck as the speaker’s enclosure.  If you are looking to upgrade these speakers to get better sound quality or to replace defective ones, a good quality aftermarket speaker will accomplish this.  If you’re more of an Audiophile and want to achieve a listening environment where the vocals and instruments sound as close as possible to what the recording engineer intended, then replacing the current speakers with high quality speakers or a powered subwoofer are the ticket.  Either way, we can hook you up with a sound system that will make you happy.

R.T. Grim Electronics carries a variety of speakers and powered subwoofers IN STOCK for immediate purchase.  Take it with you or have it installed by our qualified personnel.  Call us at 717-761-4113 or visit our showroom to see if we have what you want in our store today.

Kenwood Kicker Pioneer Power Bass

If we don’t have what you want in stock, we can order it and get it in as soon as 1-2 business days.

Already purchased your product from someone else? R.T. Grim Electronics also offers quality installation for that too.

Give us a call at 717-761-4113 for an installation quote for your specific product.

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