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3925 Trindle Road
Camp Hill, PA. 17011
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Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday – 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

  • Picture of RT Grim 1928 Building

    R.T. Grim Electronics was founded in September 1928 in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania when Russel T. Grim and his brothers opened a radio sales and service business. In 1928, the Great Depression took the wind out of sales and R.T. Grim Electronics focused on radio service and radio parts (tubes, etc.) sales. After World War II, the company became involved in a new national craze – radios installed in automobiles. Then came the next milestone in electronics, the introduction of black and white television. The company has continued to expand into the sales of automotive electronics and servicing of many of the new electronic technologies that have come along since then.
    Under the direction of the owner and president, Robert Grim, the business was located at 1845 Market Street in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania next to the original building where the business was founded. Due to the growth of products and services provided to our customers, the Camp Hill operation moved in January of 1999 to a 41,000 square foot facility at 3925 Trindle Road in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. The corporate office and main facility are housed at this location.
    The business was purchased in 2017 by Michael Wentz, an employee since 1982, essentially keeping the business “family” owned. In 2018, the company discontinued the repair of home electronics products. The focus now is squarely on our core business – Automotive Electronics Sales, Service and Installation.

    Picture of the Sales Entrance in Camp Hill

    Picture of RT Grim Camp Hill 2000 Building

  • R.T. Grim Electronics has been serving industry and consumer needs since 1928. While our primary customers have been in the automotive industry, we have also provided services for the major players in the consumer electronics business. Our Company still repairs auto radios but our involvement in electronic repairs has changed significantly due to the dramatic changes in the electronics industry. We have a great deal of experience remanufacturing and repairing a wide variety of electronic products such as automotive audio equipment, engine control modules, home computers, home entertainment equipment, in-car climate controls, mechanical and digital instrument clusters, professional audio and video equipment, and small office equipment.

    We sell automotive audio equipment, mobile video systems, remote start systems, back-up sensing systems and more. Installation is available on many of the products that we sell.

    Our diversity and ability to adapt to changes in the industry have allowed us opportunities to assist our manufacturer customers in the continuous improvement of their products. We employ a diverse group of personnel with an average employment time in excess of 15 years. All of our electronic technicians have a minimum of an associates degree along with various other certifications. Technical assistants have also completed a variety of courses including advanced soldering and parts removal techniques as well as manufacturer provided training. All of our personnel are provided with an extensive amount of in-house and manufacturer training as required of their functions in the quality system.

  • Our quality policy is “We are committed to meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations in service and product quality while providing an environment which encourages each employee to assume responsibility for improving the quality of his/her work and contributing to the continuous improvement of the quality system”. In the pursuit of our quality policy, our automotive electronics repair operations function under a quality manual and quality procedures that are compliant with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

  • Throughout our history, we have adapted to many changes in the industries that we serve. This has required great flexibility, efficient use of resources, and teamwork. We have at one time increased capacities in our operations to include business units operating three shifts and utilizing in excess of 100 personnel to respond to volume fluctuations. R.T. Grim Electronics has over 15 years of experience setting up and utilizing efficient, high volume line flows (assembly lines) that not only ensure customer turnaround times are met, but also ensure consistent quality of product. We have used remanufacturing line flows that have produced in excess of 10,000 products remanufactured per month, while maintaining customer performance levels.

    Our staff has extensive experience in the following areas of circuit board repair:
    feed-through-hole component replacement
    surface-mount and feed though technology
    SSI (Small-Scale Integrated) component replacement
    LSI (Large-Scale Integrated) component replacement
    repair of damaged circuit board traces or feed-throughs
    modifications to existing circuitry by re-routing circuit traces and installing updated or different components (per manufacturer customer direction)
    application of protective coatings to circuit boards
    hand soldering of components that exceeds US military standards
    The following is a list of types of products that we have remanufactured or repaired for our customers:
    automotive cassette players
    automotive CD players and changers
    automotive radios
    body control modules
    DVD players
    electronic climate control modules
    mechanical and digital instrument clusters
    electronic spark modules
    electromechanical speedometers
    engine control modules
    home CD players
    motor control modules
    personal computers
    personal electronics
    portable cassette players
    professional audio and video equipment
    projection televisions
    televisions and monitors
    Here is a sampling of past or present manufacturer customers:
    Delphi/Delco Electronics
    Harman International
  • We can provide the following services for contract customers:
    data collection, analysis, and forecasting of product and repair parts usage
    inventory control
    repair information tracking
    product failure analysis reporting
    customer service
    in-house accounting department
    Electronic and Electromechanical Remanufacturing/Repair
    product visual inspection, both internal and external
    complete functional testing, utilizing manual or automated test equipment
    diagnostics of complete systems to component level
    failure analysis of defective parts
    component level parts replacement and circuit modifications
    complete disassembly and reassembly
    Packaging and Warehousing
    individual and bulk packaging of all products
    warehousing of product utilizing 20,000+ square feet of a 41,000 square feet facility
    distribution of products throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico
    daily parcel pickup and delivery
    trucking - nationwide haulers within 10 minutes of facility
    railroad service - within 5 minutes of facility
    air service - international airport (Harrisburg-MDT) within 15 minutes of facility
    ports in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia within approximately 90 minutes of facility
    If you are interested in exploring ways to utilize our expertise, please contact Mike Wentz via phone at 717-761-4113 or email us at mwentz@rtgrim.com.
  • "One of the most positive experiences we've had recently! Every time we need a instrument cluster repaired I call Keith. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. The "turn-around" time is lightening quick, and the job is always done correctly. Just recently Keith went "above and beyond" and helped me through a diagnosis and repair at no charge-It is so refreshing to see a business today that believes in doing business with a "handshake" and recognizes customer service and goodwill are keys to success. I ALWAYS RECOMMEND YOU TO OTHER MECHANICAL SHOPS IN NEED OF INSTRUMENT CLUSTER SERVICE! Thank you Keith and R.T. Grim."

    Steve - 2/13/2016

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